Fort Vancouver Lions has fun at all our projects.  Enjoy these photo galleries!

Make A Difference Day

LEO Legends volunteers for Make a Difference Day We had 11 volunteers: Charley, Kendra, Jasmyne, Elaina, Matt, Cameron, Bella, Imani, Natalie, Melissa, and myself for a total of 22 hours. Good start to the year. They were among many teen aged volunteers all over the city for Make a Difference Cay. We helped to clean up the old City Cemetery on Mill Plain.

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Train Ride

We had a fabulous Steam Engine Train Ride from Yacolt WA as a social event for our Lions club members. After the Train Ride we met at the Battle Ground Mill Creek Pub for a wonderful dinner. Great afternoon spent with friends!

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Benefit Concert

Spring 2013 Benefit concert to help Washington State School for the Blind and other Fort Vancouver Lions charities.

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Spring Conference 2013

Fort Vancouver Lions participated in many Contests and won awards in many areas.

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Sleep Country Pajama Bowl

Charity fundraiser to benefit local foster kids. FVL entered 1 team this year and raised over $350.00 for the benefit of foster children. This was our first year of participating and we had so much fun we plan to do it again next year.

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Wa State School for the Blind Track Meet

This year\'s Track Meet was perfect! Sunshine and 80 degrees - all the athletes were out and really enjoying the event. The Lions also BBQ a fantastic lunch of Bratwursts.

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Santa Store

The Santa Store at Washington Elementary School is the highlight service project (at least for me) each year. Fort Vancouver Lions buy gifts for every student and their family members and the kids get to go shopping through the Santa Store. Every student leaves with 1 gift for each family member to give on Christmas day.

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Tree Planting

We helped plant over 4300 trees to help fulfill International President Tam\'s goal of planting over 1 million trees this year.

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Benefit Concerts

We have Benefit concert twice yearly - once in the Spring and once in the Fall. The money raised goes towards Washington State School for the Blind and other Lions charities.

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Diabetes Information Day

This annual event gives out information to anybody that needs to learn about Diabetes. Our club has members there all day helping the event to run smoothly.

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Dozer Days

Dozer Days is a day set aside for kids. KIDS RULE! They get to come out and actually drive and operate (with a little help) all the Tractors and large equipment that is made available by Nutter. The kids get so excited. This was a great project and we had loads of fun!

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Walk N\' Knock

Walk N\' Knock is a multi service group food drive project that services all of Clack County. There are 11 food banks that benefit from the food collected during Walk N Knock. Fort Vancouver Lions have participated for many years in both the Bag Folding and collection of food on the designated day as well as collecting from all the Les Schwabs in our county.

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Piano Hospital Clean-Up

Several members of the Fort Vancouver Lions Club helped clean up the bushes, grass, and outdoor look of the Piano Hospital. Power Tool Time!

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LERC (Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center) is in Lacy Wa. 10 members of the Fort Vancouver Lions went to see how the donated eyeglasses are sorted, cleaned, and redistributed to the people that need them.

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Amphitheater Wrist Banding and Beer Kiosks

This has been one of our biggest fund raising projects over the past 8 years. Our club has earned around $80,000.00 that we have donated back into the community for various charities.

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